14 April 2015

One Farrer Hotel & Spa

Located in the heart of Little India, the newly One Farrer Hotel & Spa is definitely a hidden gem. Really, it took us a while to locate the entrance even. Jokes aside, you should know first that both J and I enjoyed ourselves thoroughly during the stay for our seventh anniversary.

We know instantly it might be the place of interest we're looking for when we spot this huge green apple. Due to the fact that the hotel's car park doesn't cater to motorbikes, we were guided by the security guard to try our luck at Farrer Park Medical Centre, just next door! It was lucky that they had a linking passage way between the two buildings, we were spared from the scorching sun out. Psst, the medical centre has an apple too, red in colour!

J kept commenting that the hotel smells so new, I'm trying to look at that as a form of compliment. It didn't take too long for the front desk officer to register and check-in both of us before handing over the room key. He informed us about the room's WIFI log in details, which consist my full name. I just had to clarify about his misspell of my surname, knowing it was just a writing error. Sorry, can't help it. Heh.

And then, the moment that took our breath away....

My favorite part of this Loft Apartment was obviously the big windows! I am quite a sucker for them natural light. J's favorite portion? His "office" upstairs where there's a mini kitchen! Thanks to this, I now know how to make him excited to cook out of his working hours. Bring him to a place, surprise him with a clean and well maintained tools, tadah! I earn someone who is willing to cook anything for me. A-ny-th-ing.

When we've settled down, J had fun flipping through the in room dining menu on the Smart TV while I check out their spa packages. Since we were given $25 credit, why not? Sadly, it was rather pricey. Plus we can't really stand the ticklish feeling from massage, thinking about it makes me wanna scratch my back.

It's really difficult to have the pool all by yourself. Lucky us! I didn't swim much because I wasn't in the mood to get my hair wet. Weird, I know. J kept nagging me to join him, so I eventually gave in by sitting in the pool for its jacuzzi. Hey, good comprising eh? The only down thing is that the pool opens until 7pm only, bummer. Nonetheless, it's still makes a great place to chill, especially at Sunset Bar. Maybe I'll try the next time round, if I return. ;)

The breakfast at Escape Restaurant & Lounge was pretty decent. The smiling waitress really helped wake our mind and appetite up. Let's not forget about those bottled drinks! There were apple juice, orange juice, milk stored in such adorable bottles! Such a pity we can't bring them home though. Booo.

Oh, if you are a big fan of TWG teas, you will love this place a little more! Other than the complimentary ones provided in our room, their breakfast buffet uses the brand too! I had Singapore Breakfast Tea, haven't heard of it before but pretty sure this won't be my last time sipping on these babies.

Me standing at the ledge of second floor. You shouldn't attempt this is you don't have a clear mind like me. Heh.
Overall, the experience at One Farrer Hotel & Spa has been awesome! This tops our staycation chart alongside with The Ritz-Carlton for sure. We are already missing our time there and looking forward to a possible next stay at this five-stars space! Whoop!

One Farrer Hotel & Spa
1 Farrer Park Station Road
Singapore 217562
Tel: (65) 6363 0101
Room Type: Urban Hotel | Loft Apartments | Skyline Hotel | Sky Villas


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