23 April 2015

What I Wore // Little Black Dress

dress: Cotton On | shoes: TOMS | watch: Baby G | bag: Manhattan Portage

You guys! My first actual outfit post, ever! Haha! I was super excited and nervous to try this out, afraid that my awkwardness will be too obvious. Thankfully, J agreed to help me out when I told him about this idea. "Just snap as you feel like" was what I told him because hey I can't be too demanding right? ;) The last shot I did during the session was an attempt to twirl, but fail miserably. It looked as if my legs were giving way and my whole body was distorting. Gaaah. Better luck next time.

I don't shop like a girl, I shop when I need to. During one window shopping session, J insisted that I should try this dress. He fell in love with what he saw and made payment for it as a gift. Guys. It's not often that I wear this dress, but when I do, J always give me that cheeky wolf eyes alike expression. You can imagine how proud he is of himself to pick out such a nice dress.

I'm already looking forward to do another one next month! Eeep!


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