16 April 2015

Project 365 // Days 91 - 100

091/365 Made a point to be the first to reach office after sending in a text saying that I won't be able to report to office. April Fool's scheme success!

092/365 Meet my new partner in crime, Allison, from Jo Totes!

093/365 Incoming green parcel from Cara

094/365 Xiao Bai is making use of all the attention he can get.

095/365 Trying to get as productive as I can get after two days of hardcore Sims-ing.

096/365 Xiao Bai has the same feel as me about Mondays

097/365 Catch up sessions with the ladies

098/365 Celebrating Za's birthday in advance since she'll be in solo trip in China.

099/365 A birthday cake surprise!

100/365 Celebrating our seventh anniversary!

In case you're wondering, yes I forgo the batch from March. As mentioned previously, it would be such a waste to give up the whole project after coming this far, so we shall compromise by pretending March didn't exist.

April had started out great. Being J's and my anniversary month sprinkled extra feelings to survive through the hours at work. It's also exceptionally exciting for J since he'll be starting work at a five-stars hotel next week. Pretty good vibe from the month, if you ask me.


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