18 April 2015

Seventh Anniversary

April is finally here. Our anniversary month, when we go (almost) all out with our wallets and stomach space. This anniversary was a little different from before because it also marks the first year being engaged. Still, verbally addressing and/or introducing him as fiancé, hearing myself say it makes me feel ticklish.

If you were to ask if we spent the day any difference, the only extra special part is that we booked a staycation at One Farrer Hotel & Spa. Other than that, it's pretty much like our usual dates. Food, talk nonsense, food, food, lame jokes, food, window shopping, food, and food.

It's kind of scary to know we have come this far when it felt as if we had just gone steady not too long ago. That feeling is escalates whenever I think about the big event in more than a year's time. Those question marks, venturing into the strange pool for the first time, compromising between two families from different cultures. One thing I can be sure of, J will walk alongside down this path, making sure we don't get overwhelm by all the little plannings. If all else fail, we can always binge eat. Haha! I kid, we need to start watching our diet too. Erhem.

Turn the page, maybe we'll find a brand new ending where we're dancing in our tears
- Lyrics from Lost Stars by Maroon 5


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