26 April 2015

Week's End

// Caught the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron! Didn't appreciate the animated beginning scene, but that was much forgotten when I focused more on the story line. The ending had left me heartbroken to see them far apart from each other. WHY!?

// J and his brother prepared additional dish stir-fry black pepper tenderloin with vegetable on top of his mum's lemak chicken and prawn. We thought this cooking and preparation method will make me appreciate beef more (I mean, c'mon, it's tenderloin), but sad to say this attempt fails. Gaaah.

// Dinner ended early, we even thought of going Lady M at Orchard Central for its chocolate crepe. J was being all dilly dally while watching Star Awards. After witnessing one artist slipped and fall, we went to airport to roam around for ice-cream. Turns out Swensen's at airport was super crowded. What. We ended up with a drink from Koi, envying the crowd in departure hall, wondering when will be our turn.

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