25 June 2015

Alphabet Date // Letter C

Work life took a total weird twist since the beginning of June. J got busier in the midst of getting almost instant recognition from fellow colleagues while I found myself either researching for little wedding details or ponder on what and how to contribute at work. That being said, having a proper evening time to hang out was already tough, let alone a well planned super date.

Headed to Johor Bahru in the morning with J and his family, just in time to eat curry fish head at the restaurant he loved ever since his chefs brought him there a year or two back. I know it's as insane as those who would just drive in from Singapore just to buy groceries, which I can never comprehend. Then again, many can't comprehend how J and I eat, so that's fair I guess.

Both of us took the opportunity to dress up after coming back to homeland, which kind of made the date slightly more fun than it would be. After taking some awkward outfit shots, we headed to the planned destination of the day - The Cat Cafe!

We fell in love with the idea of maybe owning a cat in the future when we started playing with the strays around our own estate. I have been bugging him to visit a cafe of such for so long, it's only natural to visit one for this alphabet. Finding the place was simple, just Google and they have directions indicated on the website. It was the climbing up three short floors that almost took all the breathe off J, like literally. Further prove how fit both of us really are, right? Haha!

With S$15 per entry, we can indulge in unlimited* hours of cat playing and teasing with soft drinks of our choice. Given some brief rules and regulations of the cafe, sanitised our hands, in we go! We got a table by the window, with one of the cats Pudding people watching from the table behind us. She can't really be bothered with anyone sitting with her or not, touching her or not. It's as if the outside world is much more interesting.

Most kitties were curled up napping away during our time of visit. Maybe afternoon really is any fluffs' lazy timing. Maybe next time, if there is any, we will return in the evening. Eeep!

* For some reasons, I told J we only had an hour to stay and play. Despite so, he didn't mind the entrance fee a bit. Clocked ourselves, played to our hearts' content, and left the place almost exactly an hour later. It was only that very night I realised this cafe doesn't have a limit hours of playing. Brain, WHY YOU LIKE THAT?!

Did some window shopping around Bugis Junction and later on Parkway Parade. Surprisingly, we decided on a dinner spot without much fuss that day. I mean, how can you say "no" to queue-less Din Tai Fung?

The much needed special companionship from each other helped to boost the morale and recharged our energy a little. Not sure how soon the next one will be, but we are definitely looking forward to it.

What would you plan for this letter during alphabet dating?

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