13 June 2015

Lovely Letters // Favourites

I was paired up with an adventurous beautiful lady, Louise Bell from WeeOhana, all the way at Northern Ireland! It was nice communicating to know more about her, learn how the country is like socially from her perspective. My wanderlust bug was satisfied with images of amazing places like Giant's Causeway. Hopefully there will be a day where my eyes will get to feast this scene personally.

• Stickers, colour pencils and accessory for her daughter
• Felt book for her son
• Macaron photo holder (not photographed here)
• Gummy candy and jelly bean
• Notecards
• Notepads
• Colour pens (not photographed here)
• Lovely letter

• Candies
• Motivational notecards
• Pen/pencil cover & LEGO
• Silhouette of kite flying bunny (♥♥♥)
• Uniform notepad
• Sticky pad
• Perfume for bag
• Lovely letter

If you can't already tell, I am super in love with that silhouette made personally by Louise! It would already be a happy thing if I can cut out a perfect crescent moon. Oh, if only I have 1% of her talent.

Have you taken part in any snail exchange before? What would you have included in your package with such a theme?

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