30 June 2015

What I Wore // Tangerine, I Think

It's been a while since the last outfit post! At the moment, I depend on the-very-much-conscious-about-surrounding-people-looking-or-not J to take photos for me. With his hectic schedule, which will be getting worst in upcoming weeks, it was real difficult to find time to do it.

J definitely affect my mood. Seeing him all tensed up with a stoned face, while being conscious about whether there's people or not, make me pose like a bamboo. No complain though, since both of us liked the idea of dressing up a little more than casual for our alphabet date. I never expected myself to buy anything this bright to be honest, but somehow my heart ended up loving this more each time I put on.

top: Cotton On | bottom: Promod | shoes: TOMS | watch: Baby G | bracelet: Earl Grey Party | bag: Jo Totes

Did you ever purchase something out of the closet-ordinary and ended up falling in love?


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