09 June 2015

Project 365 // 121 - 131

121/365 I want to kidnap this bear home!!!
122/365 Keeping my sanity with this Dark Mocha Panna Cotta and Keira Knightley's version of Lost Stars on loop.
123/365 Love going to sleep with a big fat smile and seeing the reason in the morning.
124/365 Lovely parcel from Kristen!
125/365 This has been with me since Christmas # years ago, shifted from old office to new. Seeing how yellow the acrylic/plastic/pieceofthing is reminds me of the duration in the company and how fast time flies.
126/365 Super tempted to fill up the inner envelope with post-it notes, but let's practice self-control. Erhem.
127/365 Somebunny did this as a sign of protest after being rejected for bread by mum. Xiao Bai, why you so comical?
128/365 It's gonna be sashimi coma time!!!
129/365 Sweetness from Em. This kinda eased the hangover hunger and disappointment.
130/365 It's quite easy to convince her for a selfie. Now, my dad next.
131/365 I think Wee Nam Kee still has the best hainanese chicken.


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