04 July 2015

The Triple 3 Challenge

Do you spend most of your leisure time surfing through Instagram, drooling over those delicious looking meals or pumping up your creative juice with insane inspiration? (Erm, guilty as charged!) Or.... are you actually an Instagram geek? Well, well, well. We have something for you!

So what's The Triple 3 Challenge all about? 3 weeks, 3 prompts, 3 photos. Together with Intan from Syfnz Says, we will cook up a series of prompts each week over a cup of tea, or not. We hope this helps to inspire, improve and encourage the community. Who knows, you might even make a new like-minded friend!

Here's how YOU can join in the fun! Upload your freshly taken photo or do a throwback with the prompt given each week. If you felt the need to post more than one per week, go ahead! Who are we to reject your creativity, right? Follow Intan (username: @syfnzsays) and me (username: @ddsp) on Instagram, and remember to tag your photo with the hashtag #TheTriple3Challenge so we can stalk you at your least expected.

06 Jul - 12 Jul • Dinner
13 Jul - 19 Jul • Colours
20 Jul - 26 Jul • Celebration

Mark your calendar, aim, get set and shoot! Have tons of fun!


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