12 July 2015

Week's End

// This "painting" has finally shift into where it belongs! Sad thing is that the canvas has to share a "clean" space with a couple of rusty mental pieces.

// Sometimes "life sucks" for J when our plans get bitch slapped because of last minute OT or schedule adjustment, but it sucks even more for me because he doesn't make me good food. Just kidding. Not really.

// I think all animals are clever in their own way. The moment our footsteps are vibrated into the pond, these kois came swimming along. Sorry slimy ones, no bread on hand.

// An accidental feast for five! Mum's home cooked dishes plus whole chicken (out of J's pocket) made our dining table look extra smaller than usual. Our tummies can't be happier though. :9

A link up with Oak & Oats

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PS. Are you ready splash some COLOURS on Instagram for this week's #TheTriple3Challenge? We are!


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