27 September 2015

Still Alive

Man, would you look at that. The last time I made an appearance here was when I shared about my monthly goals. Who knew life gear took such a big acceleration ahead!

Work had started and blending in was much easier than I anticipated, thank goodness. The busy work environment definitely help make time go by fast, which is good in my opinion. That being said, sitting in front of a computer after working hours tend to be the last thing on my mind. I guess my body is still trying to get used to running forward instead of walking.

If that wasn't enough to torture myself, on top of juggling between work and studies, we have a wedding to plan for as well! The good part about that is it doesn't happen until next year, so plenty of time for us to go slow and steady. My coordinator might give me a murderous side eyes if she reads this.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I am alive and still breathing well. Also, a big THANK YOU. Despite the sudden absence in this space for such long time, there are still love pouring in from you. That was part of what helped fuel my drive.

I will be seeing you very soon. ;)


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