01 October 2015

On The Shelf: Looking For Alaska

Disclaimer: The content ahead may or may not contain spoilers for the said book. Any opinions or thoughts are personal, neither the author nor the seller has any influence in this review.

Miles Halter's whole life has been one big non-event, until he meets Alaska Young.

Gorgeous, clever and undoubtedly screwed up, Alaska draws Miles into her reckless world and irrevocable steals his heart. For Miles, nothing can ever be the same again.

I love the transformation of Miles Halter in this story, from the invisible kid to one who wants to be something in someone else's world. I guess you can't really say for sure how your future life will really be like. Anyone can be meeting their room mates naked for the first time like how Miles did in meeting Chip Martin. Maybe not naked, but you get my point.

To be honest with you, throughout the story, I was totally rooting for a possibility between the beautiful wreck Alaska Young and Miles. Even if she was so madly in love with her boyfriend. I remember telling myself "Ok, that percentage is totally over" when he asked Lara Buterskaya to be his girlfriend. You could imagine that crazy happiness pumping inside me when she said "To be continue" before the plot drift to a whole new gear. Now I will never know if they would ever be together if given the chance. Maybe what Takumi Hikohito said was true, it was hard not to love her.

Another part of the book I love is how religious are being introduced. Don't get me wrong, I don't see myself as someone religious nor spiritual. The fact that some pointers tinkered me to ponder on life do meant something, that feeling is rather refreshing too.

How will you get out of the labyrinth of life?


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