29 October 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award

The lovely Rebecca had nominated me for this award, which is such a sweet thing to do during my absence in this space. It is always nice to be knowing more about the other wonderful bloggers from another part of the world, especially like how a guy she used to giggle at because of a gold bow tie turns out to be her husband.

  1. It's always inspiring to see photos of people who are super organised, but in actual fact I am a total opposite of them. I can stack letters and whatsnot on my desk for weeks and months without going through them.
  2. Pain is something I can barely handle. Maybe that's why I refuse to pierce my ears.
  3. I love doodling stick man and weird characters. The dreamer side of me wished I can work paintbrush like how I work with numbers.
  4. My parents' surnames are something I am proud of, secretly, because 'Than' and 'Chin' have their own meaning in English language too.
  5. I can't stand people who drive with one hand on the steering wheel. (J does this most of the time too. *side eyes*) Especially when they have that "I am so cool" look on their faces.
  6. One of the regrets I have is not able to speak dialects. Being able to understand did help to a certain extend, but it would be better if I am able to converse in them.
  7. Many years ago, when I first met J, he was a total rude nut. He gave a blank look and detour around me when I said "Hi" during a big gathering. Talk about leaving a good first impression.
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