04 October 2015

Week's End

// READING messages from chatboard. Funny how it's easier to talk to people I haven't met compared to people I have to see. #sociallyawkward

// LISTENING That's How You Know by Nico & Vinz on the radio. The tune makes me wanna sway from side to side.

// THINKING about the gifts I just bought online, can't wait to see them in person!

// SMELLING nothing, which is good! That means the current haze level ain't so terrible. Keep it that way or get better!

// WISHING one of my Assistant Manager wasn't naturally loud in her voice, especially when she criticised my work being no standard.

// HOPING the haze will get better, if not maintain this acceptable level, so it's easier to convince my mum for an overseas getaway. *fingers crossed*

// LOVING life so far.

// WANTING to understand how CPF works for additional wages, but I just can't freaking get it. UGH.

// NEEDING to breathe. The anxiety to return to work after four days break (two days MC + weekend) might affect my sleep tonight.

// FEELING excited about this week! AAAHHH!!!

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