02 November 2015

November Wishes

Finding that life compass sure ain't easy at all. Despite so, I did feel slightly better after sharing the quarter life crisis situation I'm facing last week. I'm definitely blessed to have loved ones showering their concerns, making sure to give the most transparent point of view to help me in steering this wheel.

Go full force to prep for exams. In a blink of an eye, another exam session is approaching. (Which means the year is coming to an end soon!)
Be more involved in blogosphere. I miss knowing what's going on in others' life and be inspired by their creativity.
Cut hair by an inch or two. I have been keeping my hair untouched for a while now, using wedding as an excuse. Lately, the split ends are killing me and I am dying to get them trimmed.

Clear the living room for new furnitures. My parents decided it's time to change the sofa, coffee table, shoe racks and TV cabinet. Time to sort through shoes that are mine, and maybe make room for more? ;)
Snail mail time! It was only after yesterday's letter writing, I realised how much I enjoyed doing it. I've signed up for a couple on Swap-Bot, can't wait to start! (PS. If you like to receive a postcard and/or notecard from me, don't be shy to ask!)

What are you aiming to achieve this month?


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