08 November 2015

Week's End

// READING Paper Towns by John Green has been an enjoyable one so far. I am just praying Margo isn't dead.

// WRITING postcards and letters have made me realised how much I missed snail mailing.

// LISTENING J's updates about the wedding plan was a disaster last night. I was super tired last night when he called, which means I missed the middle portion of the conversation that lasted fifteen minutes. He ended the conversation with "Well, you should rest early since I'm sure you have a lot of digest from that." I have zero idea what I missed and he doesn't know that. Well, he will when he reads this. (Hi honey. :x)

// THINKING about wedding dresses and hairdo give me such a headache.

// WISHING this irritation in the throat will go away soon. Ugh.

// FEELING excited about this Secret Santa I'm taking part! Thanks to Dee for the recommendation, I can't wait to start stalking doing some investigator work. ;)

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