20 December 2015

Week's End

// WRITING Christmas cards is what I'll be keeping myself busy with until evening time. I can do this!

// LISTENING to birds chirping. This particular one is being all hardcore with its high pitch.

// THINKING about that awesome feel during wedding gown appointment on Wednesday. It was a right decision to invite my family along. Gosh, I'm getting all emotional by reminiscing.

// WISHING I'm already married to J so I don't have to think about wedding details. Now, anyone has money tree seed?

// HOPING to embrace the last bit of 2015 as much as I can.

// LOVING short this coming week is going to be, though it is not going to be helpful in terms of work.

// WANTING to create my very own planner, but my laziness is getting the best of me.

// NEEDING to buy a box to hold the present for office's secret Santa tomorrow. Speaking of which....

// FEELING terrified that the recipient won't like what I picked for her. Yikes.


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