01 January 2016

Resolutions 2016


I spent the eve counting down on my bed with a cold and rainy weather out last night. It was one of the simplest last day in my life so far, but the vongole pasta J and I had for dinner totally made up for it.

The debate between not going through the trouble of coming up with a list and not wanting to give up doing so was rather strong. I'll admit it - I belong to the group that ALWAYS fail to keep up with the resolution list by February. Setting unrealistic or difficult to achieve goals are probably the reason for this. Alright, maybe my lazy ass has a part to play too.

So, I turned to the most trusty individual for advices and help - Google. Oh, how much I love this dude. That being said, I've learnt to come up with a list of the things I need and have to do, also one or two dreamy ones. What? Old habits die hard, I tell ya.

□ Attempt cooking at least six times
□ Be happy and positive towards life
□ Be more connected to people around me
□ Be more organised
□ Better sleeping routine
□ Change room doors
□ Connect better with bloggers
□ Donate, throw or packs personal items for moving in October (or September)
□ Exercise more
□ Get an iPad
□ Get married!
□ Give back to the community
□ Grow Instagram followers (Aim: 150 followers)
□ Have better control over emotions, tame those negative ones
□ Learn a new language
□ Make some fizzy drink to almost none
□ Make the last dating anniversary as "single" a memorable one
□ One week off spicy food every month
□ Read at least six books
□ Religion conversion
□ Research on honeymoon destination(s)
□ Send out at least one snail mail each month
□ Smile more
□ Take a black-and-white photo once a month
□ Donate S$10 to charity per item not completed

2016 is going to be a super eventful and exciting year, which means the anxiety that comes along with the package may or may not turn me into a Godzilla. Better keep my fingers on the last part eh?

Did you come out with a list of events to achieve? How do you intend to keep that determination burning?


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