10 January 2016

Week's End

// READING through a week's worth of unread feed on Bloglovin. Halfway there!

// LISTENING and grooving to the acoustic version of Taylor Swift's Out Of The Woods. How can you not fall in love with stripped-down songs like that?

// THINKING about the helium fun time yesterday. I almost died laughing.

// SMELLING like barbecue dinner we had.

// WISHING birthday weekend hadn't ended so fast.

// HOPING to survive work this week.

// NEEDING to do research about gowns but haven't do anything about it. Err... help?

// FEELING so, so, so blessed as the family (plus J) discussed a little about the wedding.

// CLICKING through the photos taken for J's and my birthdays so far give me such warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

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