06 March 2016

Week's End

// READING the list of honeymoon spots we came up with a while ago. Maybe I should start on some research eh?

// LISTENING brother's massacre in this game. I don't get it.

// THINKING how long this break will take. Sigh.

// WISHING that phone call will happen this coming week.

// HOPING my body won't ache tomorrow from all playing with Edgar.

// WEARING Thailand inspired print pants. All ready to sleep yo!

// LOVING how the weekend went so far.

// WANTING snuggle in the blanket and cuddle with the bolster.

// NEEDING some chill time somewhere quiet.

// FEELING nervous as people have been asking about the wedding preparations over the weekend. It's as if the anxiety is starting to kick in. Yikes.

// CLICKING through recommendations of bridesmaids' dresses. I'm really on the fence on renting or keeping it simple with a less formal style. Hmmm...

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