13 March 2016

Week's End

// WRITING brief introductions of the bridesmaids before creating a group tomorrow.

// THINKING about how depressing it is to still not land on a job. Everyone has been trying to console me by telling me to enjoy the break, but still....

// SMELLING like a gal who needs her bed time.

// WISHING for a good start to the week.

// HOPING to devour more sweet treats. Mmmm~

// LOVING spicy soup based steamboat.

// WANTING to trim my hair. Bad hair ends me me wanna burn my hair.

// NEEDING a tidier desk. My procrastinating self at its best.

// FEELING all nostalgic as I browse through the old photos in my hard disk. Good ol' times.

// CLICKING & READING through searched results for rental of bridesmaid dresses. There aren't a lot of resources available online, sadly. Ugh.

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