01 May 2016

Week's End

// READING My Life Next Door lately has really made me realised how much I missed reading. Here to satisfying my hopeless romance side!

// WRITING is something I haven't done in quite a while. I should probably make time for that.

// LISTENING to the videos on my Snapchat feed.

// THINKING if I should stick to vegan styles of TOMS or change a brand all together. *pout*

// SMELLING my barely dried shampoo-ed hair.

// WISHING tidying and rearranging room are as easy as how it is done in The Sims.

// HOPING with fingers crossed that this Friday's casual photoshoot would go smoothly.

// WEARING a big smile on my face from the eventful weekend.

// LOVING and all thankful for how amazing April has been.

// WANTING to embrace as much of the holiday tomorrow. Maybe more lounging in the couch?

// NEEDING more of hamburger nephew time.

// FEELING super excited and nervous about how the pre-wedding photoshoot would turn out to be.

// CLICKING through Bloglovin is gonna be something I'll be doing tomorrow. For sure.


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