18 June 2016

Dear Xiao Bai....

It has been a week since you left.

Being the one who found you was tough. As much as I knew you are finally free from all sickness and struggles, a part of me didn't want you to leave just yet. The journey to the vet wasn't easy. To hear the confirmation from nurses and doctors was unbearable. I almost regretted not seeing you the final time before leaving you in the hands of the vets, but I just couldn't bear breaking down again in a place like that. After all, we did say our goodbyes back at home.

I hope you felt loved the eight years in our family. From a sassy little punk binking and chasing around the house to the greedy fluff you are especially when it comes to bread, you definitely played a big part in our lives. We have been missing you so much and will continue to do so for as long as it goes.

Rest in peace, my fluffy bunny boy.


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