24 November 2016

Pre-Wedding Shoot with Sketch Symbol

This shoot almost did not happen.

Prior to any wedding planning, J and I were on the same page in terms of keeping as much things to the minimal cost as we can. It makes more sense to us to spend whatever surplus cash we have in honeymoon and maybe the house fund instead of depositing all of them into the wedding basket. Pre-wedding shoot was one of the things we deemed not necessary to have. Initially.

Thanks to the miscommunication I had with my mum, we decided to have one for the pictorial memory sake to please her in a way. Little did we know, we are in for an adventure.

We got to know about Amsyar’s photography service, Sketch Symbol, through J’s childhood friend. The package he offered was simple and straight forward, much to our taste and wallet’s liking. The biggest go-factor for J was his fancy for nature lighting in almost all of his shoot.

Thankfully we sort of bonded over a couple dinner meet up discussion. The fact that we had someone mutual to help with the bridging made us warm up to each other slightly better and faster. Despite so, both J and I were still pretty stiff and awkward standing in front of the lenses. What do you expect from awkward turtles?

We kept going opposite of the direction given to us. Well, just most of them. We giggled and split into silly grins when asked to look at each other lovingly. We froze and felt like lost sheep when requested to act like we're having a fun conversation. I am just simple amazed the depth of patience Amsyar possessed and how well he handled our awkwardness.

His sharp photography eyes are definitely one of the few things we love. He made ordinary spots looked as if we were somewhere special. Also, I have to give it to him for tolerating the nonsensical joker side of J during small portions of the shoot.

The aftermath service wasn’t shabby as well. Even though it was disappointing we ended up settling for a framed blow up photo instead of a canvas one due to short supply, his image quality totally made it up for that.

All in all, we can’t be more pleased to have plunge into this decision. They weren’t lying when they say "Mothers know best". There will always be a huge grin hanging on our faces each time we browse through the photos, and of course J can never shut up about how proud he was of the hair he prep and how suave he looked that day. As much as I hold this amazing experience to heart, I doubt I have the confidence to go through the hassle of preparing all over again....

.... In 10 years’ time. Maybe.


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