14 November 2016

Weekly Wishes #136

Happy Monday! I'm pretty excited to kick start this brand new week since it'll be a short one for me! That being said though, I got to tackle three days worth of paperwork under colleague's duties first. Not. Looking. Forward. To. It.

Approached small business owners for sponsorship. Even though it was pretty much a failure (there was zero response), but I'm quite proud of myself to give it a try. If anything, this only helped boost my confidence. Whoop!
Date night with J. We have tons of excuses for good food - anniversary, monthiversary, promotion, achievement - because that's pretty much how we roll as a couple. Last week was our dating monthiversary AND a month together as married couple. What's not to celebrate right? ;)
Updated 'Advertise' column. I had zero idea where to start hunting for the next alternative when Passionfruit Ads decided to discontinue their services. Right now, Adproval seems to be pretty user friendly. Let me know if you have any suggestions or tips on this!

Cook out on Friday. Since both J and I will be home, it'll be pretty neat if we can whip up something like when we did as dating couple.
Mouth off spicy food.
Smooth handover of colleague's duties. Another colleague will be taking over the baton for the rest of another week. Hopefully the transition won't be awful! *fingers crossed*

What are you aiming to achieve?


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