21 November 2016

Weekly Wishes #137

Happy Monday, y'all! There's a mixed feelings towards this start of the week - loving the upcoming trip but hating the fact it will take forever before weekend is here. Be here already!

So done with colleague's duties. Yay! The experience sure is an eye opener, but the minor out-of-the-blue incident definitely further proved how unlucky I can really get. Well, at least the issue is somehow solved.
Cook out went awesome! Well, more like J did his thing while I rolled on bed with a bad cramp. The steak (as pictured below) turned out fanta-bulous, especially after a horrible beef meatball incident J put me through years ago.
Celebrated dad's birthday. J and I took ages in deciding on the cake. It was a simple homely affair, just the way we love it. As a bonus, my dad was exceptionally happy and flashed us that rare smile on camera!
An almost successful spicy-less week. Broke it only one lunch with some colleagues. How can you not have tom yum when dining in a Thai restaurant right?

Go easy on tea. I am a tea lover. No doubt. However, my tummy seems to think otherwise when I consume any lately.
Pack in advance for weekend's getaway. Technically we don't have much choices since we decide to indulge in movie date with friends on Friday. Oops.
Enjoy our possibly last trip of the year. Just gotta eat, eat, eat, eat, eat. What's new? ;)

What are you aiming to achieve?


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