13 November 2016

Week's End

// READING and keeping myself updated with Bloglovin feed has been a success!

// WRITING snail mail has been something I haven't done for a long time. Really, really miss doing so.

// LISTENING to J's teeth grinding the past two days have been my worst nightmare. I can get used to the snoring to a certain extend, but teeth grinding? Never, babe.

// THINKING if I should start planning for Christmas shopping. Is it too early?

// SMELLING my overdue-to-be-cut hair. Mmmm~ Freshly shampooed hair~

// WISHING our Korea trip for next year can somehow materialise. Right now, it's looking rather bleak.

// HOPING for a cook out this Friday when I'm on leave and home alone with J in the day. Miss those days.

// WEARING a hair bun because the weather is hot like that. Why?!

// LOVING the familiar feel whenever I return to my parents' place on Sundays. So good to be home.

// WANTING to get rid of undesired greeting cards have been on the postpone list since forever. Take pictures, post on Carousell. Gosh, I am just that lazy.

// NEEDING an emergency stationery shopping because J's our room simple lack of the basic ones. *roll eyes*

// FEELING very much accomplished from covering a fellow colleague's duties in the past two work days. The responsibilities were heavy enough for me to dream of account balancing and money every night, but the experience was definitely one of a kind.

// CLICKING through the mental photos from last night's Wicked The Musical. Oh my god, the cast from our session totally blew my mind away. Love it!

What have you been up to lately?


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