31 December 2016

Goodbye Twenty-Sixteen

I will be honest with you, it is bittersweet to be standing on the last day of the year reflecting and looking forward. So much had happened during this long year, I know you would agree with me on that.

  • Faced my fear of balloons by requesting to have some for my birthday celebration. Best move ever! Though I won't be getting up close and snuggle another one any time soon....
  • Got informed that my probation was not going to be extended and jobless before the start of Chinese New Year was already quite devastating. To be told that perhaps I am no cut for the line of work, which I have been in for a long time and slogged hard for, was like being slapped twice. Needless to say how depressing it was to hunt for job with that kind of trauma. Thankfully, shortly two months later, I got recruited at where I am today. The people are so warm and welcoming, not afraid to share and guide. My kind of environment.
  • Dressing up in yukata was such an amazing experience!
  • Had our most impromptu trip ever (one day's discussion, following week's travelling) to Malacca.
  • Lost Xiao Bai, the beloved rabbit boy, broke my heart and will into million pieces. I couldn't stop grieving for a long time and tears would flow each moment I think about him.
  • Getting married after two years of engagement with such a strong back up supporting us made the start of our new chapter such a blessed one.


x Attempt cooking at least six times
Be happy and positive towards life
x Be more connected to people around me
Be more organised
Better sleeping routine
Change room doors
x Connect better with bloggers
Donate, throw or packs personal items for moving in October (or September)
x Exercise more
Get an iPad
Get married!
Give back to the community
Grow Instagram followers (Aim: 150 followers)
Have better control over emotions, tame those negative ones
x Learn a new language
Make some fizzy drink to almost none
Make the last dating anniversary as "single" a memorable one
x One week off spicy food every month
Read at least six books
Religion conversion
Research on honeymoon destination(s)
x Send out at least one snail mail each month
Smile more
x Take a black-and-white photo once a month
□ Donate S$10 to charity per item not completed

I could have totally do better than how I fared, but not too shabby if you ask me.

Whether you are snuggling in bed or feasting with a bunch of people during this last of of the year, slow down for a brief moment to think about the experiences twenty-sixteen had brought and the lessons taught.

As for myself, it will be done so with a grateful heart for any blessed and unfortunate events showered upon me. What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger. I'm sure it is the same for you.


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