05 December 2016

December Wishes

Happy December, you guys! The fact that it is the last bit of crazy twenty-sixteen and a fresh year creeping up are leaving me hitting both excitement and panicky buttons rapidly.

Being rather consistent with updates. This is definitely something I've enjoyed doing. This, along with Facebook and Instagram too! Game on, baby!
Spicy-free week didn't went 100% successful. But hey, I only cheated one day.
Having fun in Kuala Lumpur was easy peasy. Who doesn't enjoy flying out of home country for food feasting right?
Minimise over eating after the holiday sure is a success! Then again, I should really stop over eating habit. Heh.
Not spending a single cent on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. I had fun lusting over items under my Wants and Needs lists, but to actually not do any damage to the pocket was equally satisfying.

Finalise list of charities. Got a little side-track with a new mini project, but better to tackle on this soon!
Have a merry, merry Christmas! It's not secret that I'm a lover of the festive mood during Christmas month. Hand over those hot cocoa, yo!
Discuss about Korea trip. J tends to switch off whenever I bring up events and ideas just because he's not that into it at the point of time, and he gets all anxious and excited when the time draws near. Which, can be quite irritating sometimes. I might need a rope to tie him down for this talk. *roll eyes*

What are you aiming to achieve?


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