12 December 2016

Weekly Wishes #140

Happy Monday, y'all! The first full week of December went by so fast, especially since it was filled with events, I felt like I didn't have a proper rest over the weekend. At least being able to indulge in good curry chicken and seeing Edgar dancing made it worth while.

• Filling in and seeing the forecasted work events for next year was so satisfying. On other hand, this makes it easier to plot for leave. Heh.
• Discussion about Korea trip finally got started. I had to bring it up on separate occassions but I think J finally got the hint. The issue on hand now is to finalise on the period to visit and J's new work schedule is not making it any easier. Gaaah.
• Went on movie date with J to catch Sing and we love it! Well, at least for me since any good singing show is my cup of tea. Piggy power!

To rebond or not to rebond.My long hair is overdue for the trim (actually, more like a cut) since I kept it for the wedding and all. If I don't do rebonding, I will continue to look like a lion with untame mane. If I do, well, my butts are aching just by the thought of the long hours.
Have an earlier sleeping time. The bad habits are creeping back up and it's time to tackle them yo!

What are you aiming to achieve?


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