25 December 2016

Week's End

// LISTENING and watching the movies marathon playing on TV.

// THINKING about the warmth I've received and felt since the start of Christmas celebration.

// SMELLING like food, thanks to being in the kitchen with J while he whip up the huge portion of aglio olio for the family.

// WISHING this bond all of us have will never be broken. Of course, I have faith in all of us.

// HOPING the kids would like their gifts. It gets tougher to shop for them as they grow older, even more so since I really suck at gifting. I had gone from guessing to direct asking the older ones what they wish to have. Yikes.

// WEARING a non-black top in the spirit of Christmas. Heh.

// LOVING my new shorter hair.

// WANTING more playing time with Blackie the cat. Finally some fluff time!

// NEEDING more water intake.

// FEELING so thankful to be spending time with loved ones.


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