01 January 2017

Hello 2017


Both J and I had such a late night partying with our friends, thank goodness he decided to go public instead of driving. We had the usual mischief and nonsense, with an addition of doing the mannequin challenge. It was a success at first attempt! I would see that as a good start to the year. ;)

Spicing up our routine selfie with Snapchat!

It has been a tradition to talk resolutions for the brand chapter, but I ain't doing any of that this time round. What? No resolutions?!

Instead of listing out what I aim to achieve, I will list instead what I had achieved at the end of the year. I have been using this method for my recent Weekly Wishes. Of course, off the Internet record, I do keep a short list of some goals I want to strike out as the year goes.

Of course, I'm not saying you can't list your resolutions. It's just that doing so don't seem to be working efficiently for me, I'm just looking out to another method.


My mantra for twenty-seventeen is to focus on tasks on hand and those that are coming my way, grow from the experiences gained in each events, as well as to embrace life because such is too short and unpredictable. Such simple words sound so do-able, but always seems to be otherwise.

So, time to share with me! I'd love to know more of your resolutions, if any, and your word(s) of the year to help guide this brand new chapter.


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