02 January 2017

January Wishes

Happy Monday! It's a public holiday over here in Singapore, but I ain't complaining! I'm just glad it's a short week on the start of 2017, though it is already predictable work will be more-than-usual hectic during closing tomorrow. Urgh. Whatever.

• Managed to get my hands off spicy food the week prior to Christmas. That was a close call!
• Finally cut my hair after keeping it for almost a year. Off with the damaged ends!
• Spent the Christmas with loved ones and I couldn't ask for anything to change that.
• Caught up in the rest department with tons of naps. But let's be honest, one can never really catch up with the lack of sleep.
• Had a blast celebrating the end of 2016 with The Gang. We played the intense Don't Take Buster's Bones and a series of games with punishments planned by the host. Woohoo!

Enjoy turning a year older. It has been our tradition to use our birthday month as an excuse to pamper and indulge in feasting, so it won't be any different this year.
Get back to snail mailing. Something I haven't been doing for a long period of time. 'Bout time, yo!
Work out. To get started on this is always tough, doesn't help when J is as lazy as me. However, a change is really required in this department of life. Here we go!

What are you aiming to achieve this month?


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