09 January 2017

Weekly Wishes #144

Happy Monday! It has been a pretty blue one for me instead since I had such an awesome weekend. I can't seem to put my mind to focus at work and zoning out had gotten its way so much more easier than usual. Gaaah. Gotta get my head in the game!

• Even though a couple of hours over, so thankful that my senior and I managed to meet our section's month end closing deadline. Mental champagne poppin' yo!
• Celebrated J's birthday with his family with the usual feasting. The particular outlet we went to was rather disappointing, but the company did make it up.
• Outfits for Chinese New Year, check!
• Fell in love with this Fossil bag since it matches all my requirement in one (adjustable strap, not too big in size). My wallet was saved then, but I can't say the same for long. The bag kept coming back to my mind!

Not die at work. Well, not literally anyway. Time to prepare for tax returns, but I kind of need my work mojo for that.
Clock another work out. Instead of going brisk walking last Saturday, the Mister suggested in washing car and motorbike, claiming it can do the same. Obviously not. Anyhoo, it still felt good to be moving my lazy legs after such a long time.
Have a good weekend celebrating getting older. As mentioned earlier, J and I love to make full use of our January birthdays to indulge and pamper ourselves. Whoop whoop!

What are you aiming to achieve this week?


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