23 January 2017

Weekly Wishes #146

Happy happy Monday!

It has been raining cats and dogs since morning. Not the most ideal weather to start the work week with, if you ask me. Thankfully time in office went past pretty fast. Can't wait for the long weekend ahead!

• Vacuumed and mopped our room (J did, I gave him words of encouragement and kept him accompanied from the bed), like finally. Next to tackle the untidiness of our desk and we are ready for Chinese New Year!
• Speaking of the festive, I am so done with shopping! Managed to purchase a red top online for the themed in weeks to come.
• Collected our wedding ceremony photos! Scrolling through them plastered silly grins on not just our faces, but our parents' as well.

Print out photos from wedding ceremony. Traditionally as a Chinese, the newly wed will give every relatives a hardcopy of the photo taken with the newly and a solo shot of the couple. I thought I could escape this part, but sadly my parents stood by this idea.
Not die of awkwardness during first Chinese New Year as married couple. It will be our first time giving out red packets to the junior and I can sense tons of teasing already. I. Can't. Function. Well.
Lots of water intake. Snacking on festive goodies will be inevitable, so best way to not end up with sore throat or sick would be having more water intake than usual.

What are you aiming to achieve this week?


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