08 January 2017

Week's End

// READING J's message on how much water intake had caused him to cultivate for big business. Gross

// WRITING snail mail a couple of days back was so satisfying!

// LISTENING to the crunching of tidbits.

// THINKING the staycation that is coming up. Can't wait for a long weekend!

// SMELLING the musty smell from clothes has been an issue lately. Sigh. I blame the indoor drying.

// WISHING weekend rest was a little longer than it was.

// HOPING the queue to change smaller denote won't be a killer. Anyway, it won't be me queuing. Oops.

// WEARING oversized shirt will be what I'll be doing. I'm determined like that.

// LOVING January, still.

// WANTING to work out but J has been finding excuses for us/me. I am seriously gonna drag his fat ass out.

// NEEDING all the awesome movies to be out and showing! Can't wait, can't wait!

// FEELING blessed.


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