20 February 2017

Weekly Wishes #148

Hey hey Monday!

Feeling a little sad that my long weekend ended way faster than I've hoped for. Well, that is always the case for days spent in quality.

• Settled flight tickets and accommodation for trip to Bangkok! The idea was so spontaneous but to wait for MIL's confirmation almost killed J and me. (Mainly him, actually.)
• Movie date with J was a great way to kick start the long weekend, but Fifty Shades Darker was so disappointing! Ugh, don't even want to talk about it.
• Finally had gathering in the name of Chinese New Year with The Gang, even though it was a week late. Almost won some money from cards. Damn Mrs Lim and her beginner luck!
• Had the longest nap with Edgar, ever. This lil boy has never napped more than 45 minutes during my visit so far. Perhaps it was his stomach flu episodes during wee nights, I managed to coax him back to second round of nappy after staying awake for fifteen minutes from the first one! #auntachievementunlock

Purchase bus tickets for trip back mum's hometown. It's finally happening! For me, mostly, since the rest of the family went back once in December for cousin's wedding. Can't wait to see the renovated home!
Hunt for new read. What better opportunity since there will be ample time for me to chill in mum's hometown. Any book(s) suggestions?
Plan Bangkok's itinerary. Honestly, places of interest and whatsnot are not difficult to pen. It is the idea of finding halal food that MIL will like that makes me nervous.
To get the luggage, or not. We have been toying with the thought of purchasing a luggage of our own, instead of always borrowing when we need one. Just can't really decide on what. Hmmm...

What are you aiming to achieve this week?


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