29 July 2017

Breaking Pregnancy News To Husband

One day while surfing Facebook, J suddenly declared that he doesn't want to be surprised like the dads in pregnancy surprise videos. He had me promise that there will be zero suspense when it comes to being pregnant, should we be fated to have a moment like that.

Being a nice wife, I gave him my word but obviously with a decent dude-you-are-missing-out-on-the-good-stuff expression.

For someone who believes in signs, my radar went off when I started seeing more random feeds about pregnancy and babies on Facebook in February. This paranoia was soon masked by the excitement and hecticness of travelling with my family to mum's hometown in Malaysia and with J's family to Bangkok.

Then, when we were blessed with an evening rainbow after work and "offspring" was the first thought that came to my mind, the curious cat in me kept purring non-stop. I didn't want to share that bugging thought with J because he would brush it off as "thinking too much about it". Quietly, I bought testing kits and stored it away safely where he wouldn't know.

On 23rd March morning, I told J that I will be skipping work because of the persistent flu symptons and he offered his companionship to the doctor's. He went back to sleep since it was still early. I decided to heed the tiny voice "Maybe I should take another test" even though the result from two nights ago was negative.

Boy, never underestimate a woman's sixth sense.

It didn't feel like doomsday because we had our plan, this just came slightly earlier. I didn't jump in joy either. That feeling was just.... stoned.

Trying to calm down while seated on the bed, I debated if I should shake J awake or just whisper into his sleeping ears. I went with the former, told him to open his eyes, and showed him the pregnancy test kit. After answering his question on the blue marking, the response I received was "Ok, just remain as per normal first." with the most expressionless face. Ever.

Not quite what I expected.

Feeling defeated (because that's just how my husband is), I got up to prepare for the doctor's visit. Somehow, out of the ordinary, I took a look at J while he attempted to resume his slumber. My man was grinning from ear to ear, with his eyes closed of course.

Sometimes I wished I had broke the news differently, but I guess things are just the way they are meant to be. At the very least, I managed to keep my promise of no surprises, though it was very tempting to do otherwise.


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