08 July 2017

Wedding Ceremony

* Disclaimer: This post is heavy with photos. All photos are taken by Luke from Indulgz PhotoMoments, unless stated otherwise.

Being the eldest and first to undergo joyous occasion in our respective immediate families, J and I pretty much had no choice but to opt for choice of huge announcement of our union. That's right people, wedding ceremony.

Backyard wedding? We live in HDB and I'm not willing to go for void deck styled ceremonies. Beach wedding? J is prone to perspiring, so this is an obvious no. Destination wedding? That would mean inconvenience for most of our extended families, our ears would not have peace from the persuasion of parents.

However, we still held much of the deciding factor. Thankfully for the easy contentment of our parents. From bridal studio packages to other nitty-gritty details, we stuck by our very basic rule - pay within budget. Being the practical people as we are, there was no way we could bear to spend huge amount in a day's event when other aspects of our lives can make use of the money so much more.

At the end of the day, no amount could've buy the blessing and joy we experienced on the one we call our special.

Photographer: Amsyar from Sketch Symbol

To be honest, I have issue finding my own ear too.

So honoured to have a prestigious group perform silat for us.

He was trying his best to not turn choke into tears, I was reminding him to breathe.

• White dress during solemnisation from Ayu Apparels
• Groom's suits, bride's gowns, and father/brother jackets from Bridal Affairs
• Groomsmen' denim tops were thrifted
• Bridesmaids' blue dresses from BeStarck

Photographer: Our coordinator-friend


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