10 July 2017

July Wishes

Happy July!

Can't believe we are already standing on the second half of twenty-seventeen. Looking back, I doubt I've done anything super productive. Unless you count growing a baby inside as something.

Clear those emails. It's quite embarrassing to share that there are currently 300 plus unread mails in the inbox. Can I blame pregnancy laziness for that?
Read a book, or two. The constant fatigue I'm having makes doing anything a chore, even something as simple as surfing Instagram. Since my body is getting better in this aspect, perhaps this is a good time to reintroduce reading. Any titles to recommend?
Shop for more clothes. I can no longer live in denial thinking I can still fit in to my existing work dresses. The empire waist line makes it so uncomfortable already.
Refrain from overshopping once we know the baby's gender (which I'm not keeping my hopes up since Jr has been covering up in past two scans). Honestly, I won't have an issue with this department. I'm more worried about J's purchasing power from being excited.

What are you aiming to achieve this month?


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