30 July 2017

Week's End

// READING articles of sad animals is something I'm avoiding lately, especially while surfing on Facebook. Too much for me to handle.

// WRITING and leaving comments on other blogs have been pretty refreshing! I need to blog hop more while I can.

// LISTENING to the household melodies at the moment - wall fan running in the room, Suria playing on TV, clothes load in washing machine.

// THINKING about the consecutive shin cramps I had on Friday. Crazy how it only felt more normal walking this morning. The downside of this story? Apparently there's more to come. *fingers crossed*

// SMELLING nothing at the moment and my taste buds feel a little bland.

// WISHING weekend hadn't end that fast. I could use more lazing time.
// HOPING for a plate of hokkien mee.

// WEARING flare dresses to work have been a comfort. Someone recently suggested in putting on fit ones so the bump will be very obvious to others, especially when commuting on public transport. How do you even breathe in one?

// LOVING every moment of cool temperature I can. The weather has been quite a bitch today.

// WANTING more ice-cream.

// NEEDING supper soon.

// FEELING the kicks of our active Jr.


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