07 August 2017

August Wishes

It's August! Pretty not-so-mundane month over here since there are events like mum's birthday and National Day public holiday to look forward to. Work wise will be calm before hitting the crazy peak for moon cake festival next month, but that's for later to worry.

Brainstormed for baby full month shower invitation. Putting a bored pregnant lady with Pinterest is either for the better or worst. Fully aware that I will be resting and recuperating during confinement, I won't be able to help J much with the preparation work. J loved the final monochrome draft and I am pretty happy about it too.
• Speaking of draft, I've started drafting for baby journal! So, I am a little anal when it comes to journaling. I want this keepsake to be perfect instead of all scribble-y. (Now you know why I can never jump on bullet journal bandwagon.) Making drafts definitely helped make it more exciting to start on the real thing!
Weight gaining at turtle pace. Sure the pace is not going as fast as the tummy expansion, but hey at least it's happening.

Slowly start the preparatory work for baby. Hand- down clothing and cots are easy to source, it's the "new" stuffs that we need to ponder on. Honestly, I don't even know where to start!
Wedding anniversary planning. We have to opt for staycation since my body condition doesn't permit overseas travelling. Where to stay? What to do? Should we consider maternity photoshoot? Hmmm...
Drop snail mail surprises! It has been a while. Who shall be my first target eh?

What are you aiming to achieve this month?


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