15 January 2018

Weekly Wishes #154

Happy day! We are halfway through the first month of the year and this is my second last Monday before this 12-weeks maternity leave ends! Already?!

A different kind of birthdays celebration. In the past, J and I would plan for staycation to celebrate our birthdays and monthiversary at the same time. Kind of an excuse to indulge and get away. This year, with Jr around, we had the simplest moment at home. You know what? I feel so blessed.
Worked on side project's website. A website designer was initially engaged to do up the Squarespace website because of obvious reasons. I am no pro in that area. However, the end result was pretty crap-ish. In the end, I tested it on my own and it turned out way better. Felt like such a waste of money. Ugh.
Did something to my hair! I finally cut and rebond my hair earlier this afternoon. Feel so great! The only downside of today's appointment is to be reminded that pregnancy hair loss will be happening soon. Crap.

Go dress shopping. Apparently the dresses I owned prior to pregnancy are now snug to my postpartum body. It's not like I can't fit into them anymore, but who would want to walk around feel tight around the hip?
Be diligent with hair tonic application. If you know me, I am the laziest person. Ever. Hopefully that side of me doesn't win the battle, or else I really will regret when pregnancy hair loss kicks in!
Finish up main preparation work for side project. There are a few final touches before the official launch in February. Better tie up important loose ends before the end of maternity leave!


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