07 January 2018

Week's End

// READING the brainstorm session on WhatsApp in regards to side project. We have the weirdest inspiration at the weirdest time!

// WRITING 'about us' section is my weakness. I can never think of how to promote ownself without putting people off. Am I thinking too much into this?

// LISTENING to the chattering between my mum and Jr. Melody to my ears!

// THINKING if I should trim or cut my hair.

// SMELLING baby scent from Jr is like the best thing in the world.

// WISHING website designer hunt hasn't been such a bitch.

// HOPING this itching at throat does not mean another wave of being sick.

// WEARING hair tie around my wrist. Baby cry time is hair-up time!

// LOVING the precious maternity leave that is ending in few weeks' time.

// WANTING waffles with ice-cream.

// NEEDING more dates with J before work resumes. Perhaps one more

// FEELING excited that our little side project is moving fast in the planning zone!


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