My name is Elizabeth, but feel free to go all friendly with “Liz” too. Singapore is where I call home and being a true born local makes it easy to love food.

By day, I put on the black coat as an accounting officer in the hospitality industry with numbers as my rice bowl. Out of office hours, I juggle between part time degree of relevant subject and the newly marriage life. How do I keep my sanity? Inspiration from social media, such as Instagram, helps boost that part of the brain. Indulging in my comfort food and escaping into The Sims do help too.

nomElizabeth is the little Internet space where I share love and encouragement. It also serves as a platform for me to receive even more from other spaces, meeting like-minded and awesome people from around the world.


While there are individuals who hated hearing this, I do hold these words close to heart.

You might lose something in a situation where it felt like end of the world, but at the same time, another opportunity is right around the corner. Sometimes living in denial while we sulk and take pity of ourselves can blindfold us from realising, but it is important to always take a step back and breathe. Just breathe. After taking those refreshing deep breathes, we have the strength to remove the blinding factor. When we see the bigger and clearer picture, it is that moment to learn that one event has to give way in order for us to embrace a better one.

I hope you will find something here that makes your day a little better than it was before.